Nutrition That Cares


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  • All Natural
  • Superfood
  • Wheat Gluten Free

Nutrition that cares

As we have become more aware of the impact diet has on our own health, many pet parents are increasingly focused on feeding their dogs a diet with the nutritional value they need for a vibrant, healthy life.

Glow is a 100% Australian made and owned pet food with a strong focus on sustainability and at least 93% of all ingredients sourced within Australia.  Our delicious recipes focus on the use of novel proteins, novel ingredients, vegetables and ancient grains with high nutritional value.

Glow products are available across all life stages, focusing on the key nutritional requirements dogs have based on their age.  We’ve looked for low allergy, quality and sustainable alternatives, whilst ensuring each diet delivers the essential nutrients a dog needs for gut, skin, coat and overall health.

Glow uses plant-based sustainable proteins such as lupins and beans in combination with locally sourced Australian chicken and Australian lamb.  Across the entire range, superfoods such as chia seeds and the ancient grain sorghum provide energy and essential omega-3 fatty acids.  Whilst DHA sustainably sourced from dried algae is vital for brain development.

Glow offers pet parents an affordable, natural premium dog food, by a brand that supports the use of sustainable Australian ingredients.  For Glow it’s not a choice, it’s a necessity, because we’re nutrition that cares™.

Glow satisfaction guarantee: if for any reason one of our products was unable to meet your expectations please return the unused portion to the place of purchase for a full refund or replacement.